Cat Teeth Cleaning Plant Shoots

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Your cat will love this teeth cleaning plant shoots, pure natural catnip. Once they get a sniff of this, there off and running with these shoots. My cat plays with it for hours, flipping it all over the place and chewing away. Get your cat a treat that they will love....
  • Natural plant shoots, safe and non-toxic.
  • Use a knife to cut off the skin, exposing the white, suitable for cat molar.
  • Matatabi both relax and ease the pressure to enhance vitality, increase appetite, prevent diabetes, stable blood pressure effect.
  • Matatabi is a plant cats very fond of , whether the majority of cat smell or taste the taste of it will be showing the excited state
  • Appear drooling and rolling on the ground situation is somewhat similar to the way heat or sprinkle arrogance, wooden cat's day very few natural stimulants


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