Fly Fishing Lures & Waterproof Case

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$ 32.95 
SKU: 5:8019#100x70x20mm

This Fly Fishing Lures & Waterproof Case is great for any angler on the go. It has 20 different varieties of fly fishing lures. Just another great addition to your collection. Get yours today while quantities last.

Item specifics:
  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Position: Lake, Reservoir Pond, River, Stream
  • Category: Insect Bait
  • Box Type: Fly Bait Box, Spoon Box
  • Material: PP Plastic
  • Box Size: 10*7*2cm = 3.93701in. x 2.75591in. x 0.787402in.
  • Box Weight: 72g = 2.53973oz.
  • Box Max Capacity: 30PCS Lure
  • Feature 1: Transparent and Visible
  • Feature 2: Waterproof Design, Floating Box
  • Feature 3: with 50cm = 19.685in.  Retention Ropes
  • Lure: 20PCS Fly Bait, Equipped 6#, 10#, 14# Hooks
  • Quantity: 1PC Lure Box + 20PCS Fly Bait
  •  Mini Size Lure Box.
  •  Waterproof design, can float on the water, equipped with 50cm Retention Ropes to Prevent Loss the Box.
  •  20PCS Quality Fly Bait, Equipped 6#, 10#, 14# Hooks.


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