RC Combat Robot

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RC Combat Robot


  1. When the remote control robot is turned on and the code is not in, the light is flashing.
  2. After the good code is in, the light is always on, and the remote control will make a sound when it is good.
  3. After the good code, vibrate the left remote control or press the right remote control, left button to play the left hand, vibrate the right remote control or right click to hit the right hand.
  4. When 3.2 robots are playing, if the head is hit (the leaf switch that triggers the head), the robot that is hit will change color, and the remote control will send the corresponding sound to the remote control. The robot that gets hit 5 times will automatically shut down.
  5. Charging for 25 minutes, can operate normally for more than 25 minutes, remote control distance is approximately 32'. 
  6. The robot will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity, the robot is equipped with charging protection, low voltage protection function.


  • Function: music / vocal, flash
  • Product Category: Battle RC Robot
  • Specification: 6.5*7*9.5 cm = 2.559" x 2.756" x 3.740"
  • Static model: yes
  • Electric: yes
  • Power supply mode: USB charging
  • Robot Battery capacity: 3.7V/60mAH
  • Charging time: 25 minutes
  • Discharge time: 25 minutes
  • Remote control battery:  4 AAA battery(not include)
  • Product Accessories: 1XRobot  1XRemote Control  1XUSB Cable 1XManual