Wood Deep Resonant Relaxing Wind Chimes

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These beautiful Wood Deep Resonant Relaxing Wind Chimes will make pleasant tones of music as you sit outside on a sunny day. They very inspirational with playing relaxing music to your ears. 

Get your Wood Deep Resonant Relaxing Wind Chimes at Angeloni’s Gifts Galore.


  • Campanula is a mascot, a symbol of good luck 
  • Wind chimes blowing, bringing great sound, and pleasing, self-cultivation 
  • Hanging wind chimes, can bless his family safe, healthy and happy 
  • Necessary small decoration for home 
  • Whether for personal use or for a friend, is a good choice 
  • The 8 tubes Aluminum wind chimes, when the breeze is blowing, 
  • The wind swinging the bells, sounds sweet, charming 
  • Meaning access to love, safe, healthy and smooth 
  • Placed there are special landscape 
  • Suitable for home decoration, decorations, hanging on the door, the windows, hanging in the room. You can hang them anywhere
  • Bring beauty and music to your indoor or outdoor space
  • Aluminum and wood 
  • Approx. Overall Length: 44cm = US: 17.3228"


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